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Tot. Ep. # Title Original Airdate Production Code Media
24 201 Camp Refoogee September 10, 2006 2AJN06 Links (5)

Stan tries to get Steve to attend summer camp; the only one available that he can find, however, turns out to be a refugee camp in Africa. Meanwhile, Roger and Francine take up role-playing, though they can't come up with a mutual backstory.

25 202 The American Dad After School Special September 17, 2006 2AJN05 Links (3)

After meeting Steve's new overweight girlfriend, Stan becomes obsessed with keeping his own weight under control and becomes anorexic; Steve must then make a hard choice to save his life. Meanwhile, Roger tries to break up Steve and his new girl.

26 203 Failure Is Not a Factory-Installed Option September 24, 2006 2AJN07 Links (4)

Stan loses his confidence when a car salesman gets the best of him in a negotiation, and plots his revenge. Meanwhile, Roger and Steve set up a makeshift drive-in to try to get to first base with popular schoolgirls.

27 204 Lincoln Lover November 5, 2006 2AJN11 Links (2)

Stan, who is normally homophobic, tries to live out his dream of speaking at the Republican National Convention by acting gay. While the people around him disapprove of his new lifestyle choice, Stan decides to follow his heart to speak on their behalf.

28 205 Dungeons and Wagons November 12, 2006 2AJN08 Links (2)

After discovering Francine is looking for some excitement in their marriage, Stan gets in the driver's seat and becomes involved in drag racing to spice things up. Meanwhile, Hayley breaks up with her boyfriend Jeff, who joins Steve's world of online gaming.

29 206 Iced, Iced Babies November 19, 2006 2AJN09 Links (4)

After Steve begins taking his relationship with his girlfriend to a new level, Francine develops empty nest syndrome and tries to convince Stan to have another baby. Meanwhile, Roger becomes a college professor and Hayley finds a new crush in her classmate Ethan.

30 207 Of Ice and Men November 26, 2006 2AJN10 Links (4)

Francine discovers Stan's passion for figure skating and becomes his pairs partner, but Stan's competitive nature gets the best of him. Meanwhile, Steve's classmate Snot finds new respect among his peers when he parades his mail-order bride around the playground.

31 208 Irregarding Steve December 10, 2006 2AJN12 Links (3)

When Roger helps Steve see how stupid Stan is, they run away to New York to become successful. Meanwhile, the rest of the family is certain that the two have just run away to the tree house, which is promptly destroyed during a lightning storm.

32 209 The Best Christmas Story Never December 17, 2006 2AJN14 Links (3)

With Stan's Christmas spirit at an all-time low, the Ghost of Christmas Past visits him and tries to show him the true meaning of Christmas. However, Stan is convinced that Christmas can be saved by changing the outcome of the Vietnam War and killing Jane Fonda.

33 210 Bush Comes to Dinner January 7, 2007 2AJN13 Links (2)

President Bush come over to the Smiths' house for dinner after Stan wins an essay-writing contest, prompting Hayley to drill him on the Iraq War. Meanwhile, Steve and Roger are convinced they know where Osama bin Laden is hiding, but ultimately get the President drunk.

34 211 American Dream Factory January 28, 2007 2AJN16 Links (3)

Stan turns entrepreneur and opens a teddy-bear factory when he feels he's slowing down at work. But when he discovers that quick profit equals hard work, he resorts to using illegal aliens for cheap labor. Meanwhile, Roger begins to take over Steve's rock band.

35 212 A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial February 11, 2007 2AJN17 Links (3)

When Roger is rejected by Steve, he heads out in search of a new human companion. But when his new friend starts to abuse Roger, Steve and Hayley plot to get Roger out of the bad relationship. Meanwhile, Stan tours the Mr. Pibb factory and meets the man himself.

36 213 Black Mystery Month February 18, 2007 2AJN20 Links (4)

While researching a paper about George Washington Carver in celebration of Black History Month, Steve uncovers a conspiracy thats been going on since the Civil War and strives to expose it to the public. Meanwhile, Roger stalls during a game of Jenga with Hayley.

37 214 An Apocalypse to Remember March 25, 2007 2AJN19 Links (3)

A misunderstanding at the CIA leads Stan to believe it's the end of the world. Even after he realizes his error, he keeps his family convinced they are the last people on Earth so they can respect him. Meanwhile, Roger gets married so he can buy a new blender.

38 215 Four Little Words April 1, 2007 2AJN18 Links (3)

Stan goes to great lengths to never, ever end up in a situation ending with Francine telling him, "I told you so." She lets him hook his boss Bullock up with her friend, but when Bullock accidentally kills the woman, Stan frames Francine so that she'll stop asking questions.

39 216 When a Stan Loves a Woman April 29, 2007 2AJN23 Links (2)

Stan feels his marriage is on shaky ground after discovering Francine's secret sex garden, so Francine insists on a divorce in order to rekindle their romance, and so that Stan can experience life as a bachelor again. Meanwhile, Steve becomes addicted to an energy drink.

40 217 I Can't Stan You May 6, 2007 2AJN15 Links (3)

Stan brings some special CIA equipment home to eavesdrop on neighbors, discovering what they really think about him. To get back at them, he has the entire neighborhood evicted. Meanwhile Roger convinces Steve to join him in scamming store owners out of money.

41 218 The Magnificent Steven May 13, 2007 2AJN21 Links (2)

Stan recounts his story of how he set out on a quest to make Steve a man, which gets him prosecuted for slaughtering contaminated cattle. Meanwhile, Roger starts a cat fight between Francine and Hayley after he unintentionally gives one a little more attention.

42 219 Joint Custody May 20, 2007 2AJN24 Links (2)

Roger and Stan turn into bounty hunters and chase Jeff, who is wanted for smuggling marijuana across the country. But when the truth is revealed, Stan offers some fatherly advice. Meanwhile, Steve becomes convinced that he has been cursed with a psychic gift.