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Tot. Ep. # Title Original Airdate Production Code Media
79 501 In Country...Club September 27, 2009 4AJN20 Links (21)

When Steve is selected to sing the national anthem at the Langley Falls Veterans' Day celebration, he gets some heat from Stan who doesn't think he's ready for such an undertaking. Unimpressed with Steve's vocal talents, Stan decides Steve needs to experience real war in order to sing about our country's military prowess. But things quickly go south when Roger gets involved and Steve goes bananas.

80 502 Moon Over Isla Island October 4, 2009 4AJN15 Links (16)

In order to get a promotion at work, Stan has to convince the dictator of Isla Island to sign a treaty. Stan meets the general and accidentally kills him and has Roger pose as the leader of the small island nation. Meanwhile, Steve and Snot become competitive to see who can get farther with the other's mom.

81 503 Home Adrone October 11, 2009 4AJN14 Links (20)

Steve is left home alone when the family takes a trip to look at a potential college for Hayley. When his friends arrive and realize he has the run of the house, they persuade Steve to break the rules. They're soon in over their heads when they discover that what they thought was a video game is actually a military controlled drone. As they attempt to cover their tracks, Roger has a meltdown that keeps the family from making their trip. Stan returns to find that Steve has betrayed his trust and thrust them into a high-level security situation.

82 504 Brains, Brains and Automobiles October 18, 2009 4AJN18 Links (17)

Francine teaches Roger to be self-sufficient so he can get his own place; at camp, Steve and his friends fall prey to a scheme.

83 505 Man in the Moonbounce November 8, 2009 4AJN19 Links (22)

When Stan has a run-in with local law enforcement, the father-son roles are reversed, forcing Steve to become the man of the house.

84 506 Shallow Vows November 15, 2009 4AJN16 Links (32)

Stan and Francine celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary, and Roger takes over the planning. Francine, however, stops her regular beauty regimen after learning that Stan only married her for her looks, and becomes incredibly unattractive.

85 507 My Morning Straitjacket November 22, 2009 4AJN22 Links (27)

Stan becomes obsessed with My Morning Jacket and decides to become a groupie and meet Jim James, believing they are soul mates and that James is writing the music specifically for him. Disguised as a reporter for Rolling Stone (an allusion to the film Almost Famous), Stan follows My Morning Jacket on tour, accompanied by Roger.

86 508 G-String Circus November 29, 2009 4AJN21 Links (19)

When Stan's business goes south, he finds himself dancing for cash. Meanwhile, Steve and his friends go to space camp, but refuse to take Roger along. When Roger shows that he has strippers in Steve's room, they escape but arrive after the strippers leave.

87 509 Rapture's Delight December 13, 2009 4AJN17 Links (32)

The world ends and Stan, Francine and Roger are left behind. As the Smith family go to Church, Stan and Francine have sex in the janitor's closet as the world ends, leaving them and Roger on earth as Hayley, Steve and Klaus float up to heaven. It's the end of the world when Francine leaves Stan for a better man during the ultimate fight between good and evil, but when the anti-Christ kidnaps her, Stan will do anything to get her back.

88 510 Don't Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth January 3, 2010 5AJN01 Links (25)

When Stan gets told by Francine to get rid of his gas-guzzling SUV, he and Roger hatch up a plan at the local horse track to avoid losing his car. Meanwhile, Steve and his friends help an old friend.

89 511 A Jones for a Smith January 31, 2010 5AJN02 Links (31)

Stan puts down liberal social programs because he thinks they are a waste of money and gives Francine a hard time for lending a helping hand at the local homeless shelter. When Stan develops a nasty crack addiction and needs help, he suddenly has a change of heart.

90 512 May the Best Stan Win February 14, 2010 5AJN04 Links (31)

Stan gives Francine "love coupons" for Valentine's Day, but refuses to honor them once he becomes preoccupied with his very own CIA cyborg. Meanwhile, Roger helps Steve and his friends remake a classic '80s movie.

91 513 The Return of the Bling February 21, 2010 5AJN03 Links (31)

When Stan admits that his heroes include the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team, Roger confesses that he played on the team. However, when he discovers that Roger used steroids during the match, Stan tries to take his gold medal make to the Olympic Committee in Switzerland.

92 514 Cops and Roger April 11, 2010 5AJN06 Links (33)

After Roger and Francine are victims of a mugging, Roger joins the police academy so he can learn how to defend himself and his loved ones (including Stan and Steve), after Roger is trained by Stan he falls in with Chaz, a corrupt cop who eventually causes Roger to become just as bad as the mugger. Meanwhile, Hayley's new friendship with Reginald the Koala threatens her relationship with her new boyfriend.

93 515 Merlot Down Dirty Shame April 18, 2010 5AJN08 Links (48)

When Roger and Francine go wine-tasting, Roger plants a big kiss on Francine in a drunken moment. Francine decides to tell Stan about this incident, but when they sit down to talk, Roger convinces Stan that Francine started it all.

94 516 Bully for Steve April 25, 2010 5AJN11 Links (46)

Stan becomes tired of Steve never standing up for himself. To help, he becomes a bully and picks on Steve. Meanwhile, Reginald finally asks Hayley out on a date. However, while at a carnival they run into her ex-boyfriend Jeff.

95 517 An Incident at Owl Creek May 9, 2010 5AJN10 Links (46)

Sharri and Buckle have moved into the neighborhood and are hosting a pool part for this occasion. Stan has his family go through various drills to make the pool party a success. Unfortunately at the pool party, Stan gets a stomach reaction after eating brisket when about to do a cannonball into the pool which ends with him accidentally pooping in Sharri's pool. Upon being made a laughingstock, Stan tries to move his family to somewhere where this mishap won't be brought up.

96 518 Great Space Roaster May 16, 2010 5AJN12 Links (36)

The Smiths come home to find Roger attempting to figure out what they have planned for his 1,601st birthday. Displeased with their idea to throw him a bowling party, he requests that they throw him a comedy roast, to which they agree. Meanwhile, at Stan's workplace, Director Avery Bullock announces that due to funding issues, the C.I.A. has since taken on the Chia Pet company as a corporate sponsor (becoming the Central Human Intelligence Agency or C.H.I.A.)